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5 Funny Nurse Stories that Will Make You Grateful they Exist

Nurses are well and truly the glue of the medical system, and most people would agree that they don’t get half the credit and recognition they deserve. They are known for buckling down and doing the dirty, routine work of healthcare—though this career field is far from boring. In light of International Nurse’s day and to honour of the courageous work that nurses do, we’ve collated five stories submitted by nurses of the internet that will make you laugh, cringe and be that little bit more grateful and awestruck for what nurses do on the daily.

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May 14, 2018

  1. Need a hand?

“The other night at work I had this little old lady who constantly called out in a pitiful little cat-like voice. You could hear her down the hall, but when you get to the room, she never made any sense…

I was going about my charting when I hear “HELP!” coming from her room. I get there, and ask: “What’s wrong?” “Hold my hand.” I put my gloved hand in hers, trying to be comforting. Her eyes got bigger. “What IS it?” “What’s what?” Her eyes got even bigger and she lifted up her head. “WHAT’s in your hand?” We were still holding hands. … “Your hand is in my hand.” The look of surprise on her face was too much. I made sure she was comfortable and went out to the hall where me and my CNA lost it laughing. It was our joke the whole rest of the night.”


Credit: Reddit


2. A Little Fridge-id

“Patient waking up post-surgery got [angry] at me when I asked him how he was feeling, I continued to ask him if he was hurting because he was just going around in circles about how it’s “Not fair” and that “this is ridiculous.” Then he looks at me square in the chest, and states “I haven’t even looked in the refrigerator yet.” Then proceeded to flop his head back down and drift off.”


Credit: Reddit user mphelp11



 3. So You think you can Dance

“I had an elderly lady who wouldn’t talk. She had come from a nursing home so we didn’t have any family members to verify her baseline status. We thought that her inability to speak was a CVA deficit. During her admission, she had received a PEG tube for nutrition. One night, I was flushing her PEG and a commercial with music came on the TV. As I was flushing the tube, I did a little dance with my hips. It was just a small little movement while I hummed along to the commercial. She looked at me and her lips moved as if she were trying to speak. I muted her TV, and leaned in closer trying to hear her. I asked her to repeat herself, and she said , “I said ‘You can’t dance.’”


Credit: Quora user Ren Fín, RN, BSN  


4. You’ve got Male

“A few weeks ago at work, a patient and his wife were asking me about being a nurse—especially in regards to being a male in a historically female profession. The showstopper:

Wife—“How long have you been a male nurse?”

Me—(after a pregnant pause) “My entire nursing career.””


Credit: Quora user Ron Napier


5. Heart of Hearing

I was interviewing an elderly man who was being admitted to my unit. I finally got to the cardiovascular conditions and asked him if he had angina. He replied “Why no! That is a female part.”


Credit: April Cummings,


It’s also worth remembering that nurses often work in league with phlebotomists, pharmacists, doctors and surgeons. There are so many roles that help make the world of healthcare turn, each as vital as the others—and the often-overlooked profession of nursing is no exception.


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