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Building and earth science careers thriving in NSW

Every job hunter will be familiar with those form letters: “Unfortunately, due to the high level of applicants…” Yep, delete. Sigh. On to the next one.
October 20, 2017

Every job hunter will be familiar with those form letters: “Unfortunately, due to the high level of applicants…” Yep, delete. Sigh. On to the next one.

Whether you’re looking for work, or switching careers, it’s important to determine which industries and areas are projected to grow. The sage advice has always been to go where the work is – but where is it?!

“Advertising trends continue to be very positive in NSW [up 7.4% year-on-year].” – SEEK 2017

Which industries are growing right now?

One of Australia’s largest employment websites, SEEK, recently released statistics showing salaries and advertised job openings in New South Wales are growing in the mining, resources and energy sector.


A highlight from SEEK’s Sydney Salary Spotlight, September 2017

But you don’t need to have an engineering degree, or a mate in one of the multinational mining conglomerates, to get a foot in the door. As a reflection of the needs of the resources industry, science and laboratory jobs are on the rise in NSW – so you might consider upskilling in the area of construction materials testing or ground technology.

“Job prospects on SEEK have reached their highest level in seven years, presenting candidates with increased job prospects and opportunities.” – SEEK 2017

What on earth’s involved?

Working in Ground Technology, it’s all about earth. By learning the skills of Construction Materials Testing (CMT), you may be working with soil, asphalt, concrete, or aggregates. It’s a physical role, spending much of the time outside collecting soil samples, concrete testing, as well as some inside work doing laboratory analysis. Your role may include on-site inspections, monitoring and testing, instrumentation, and pre- and post-construction surveys.

Employment prospects may be strongest with a ground technology company, which offer services including field inspection and testing, geotechnical engineering, laboratory services, and environmental services.

“Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.” – Albert Einstein

How do I get into the field?

Build a foundation in the field by enrolling in one of the short Introduction to Laboratory courses currently offered by LTT. These two-week intensive courses focus on Construction Materials Testing and Ground Technology. More good news: it’s subsidised by the NSW government, there is no cost to eligible students.

Start training as early as November at one of our training locations in Western Sydney, South Western Sydney, or Newcastle.

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