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Climb the Lab Career Ladder!

Advancing your career in a vital and expanding industry: the game plan!

LTT - Laboratory and Pathology Training | Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney
August 8, 2018

Considering a career in the lab, surrounded by colourful chemicals and materials with the opportunity to conduct some incredible tests and experiments?

As a dynamic field with plenty of opportunity for career advancement, laboratory work may just be the profession you’ve been waiting for. If you’re wondering just where the test tube life might take you, we’ve compiled a ‘game plan’ of sorts to help you map out your lab career!

Level One: Qualify, Qualify, Qualify!

The first thing you’ll need to begin your adventure is a qualification in Laboratory Skills, like a Certificate III in Laboratory Skills to ensure that you are trained and prepared for the journey ahead. You’ll learn how to plan and conduct lab field work, record and present data, perform basic tests and standard calibrations and maintain a laboratory among other things—all important skills to attain a job.

Level Two: Lab Assisting!

Congratulations, you have successfully navigated the challenges of level one and are now ready to begin a job as a Laboratory Assistant. In this level, you will work in real-life laboratory settings preparing materials for experiments, looking after lab equipment and cleaning up after experiments. It’s a great job, particularly if you are in need of flexibility in your career to look after children, pursue a hobby or even study. If you’re looking for a little more action in your career, however, prepare to level up!

Level Three: Back to School!

If you’re looking to become a laboratory technician, you’ll need to return to the training academy to seek a Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques . In this course you’ll learn to use laboratory application software, learn how to maintain and control stock and perform more complex chemical tests. In the span of 21 weeks you’ll be fully prepared for a career in Lab Tech work.

Level Four: Lab Tech Life (LTT!)

Congratulations—new qualification, new job, new you! As a lab technician, you will, with the help of a laboratory assistant, perform a range of more advanced laboratory tests to produce data for investigation, prepare specimens and samples, ensure the laboratory is well stocked and chemicals are stored properly, conduct research on certain investigated topics and ensure the overall safety of the lab among other things. This is a highly rewarding job, and you may find yourself employed in schools, universities or other such educational environments.

Level Five: Advanced training!

If you are eager to climb the lab ladder even higher, you may consider enrolling in a Diploma of Laboratory Technology— this is the big-boss of VET Lab qualifications. You’ll learn things like spectometry and complex chemical testing, as well as how to analyse complex data. With this qualification under your belt, you’ll be ready to take on a leadership position in a lab, or even go on to an undergraduate university program in Australia—you may even receive credit towards a Bachelor of Science degree!

Level Six: A plethora of jobs

With a qualification like the Diploma of Lab Tech, you’ll be ready to undertake a range of careers such as becoming a Laboratory supervisor overseeing the operation of the entire lab, a quality control officer or even an instrument technician. Salaries are extremely competitive at this level, and there are a number of avenues open for you to pursue from here.    


Perhaps you may go on to own a lab of your own in the future (or three) or maybe you’re thrilled with the laid back lifestyle of a lab assistant. Whatever the case, LTT has an expansive range of course options for all levels of the Lab game—to find out more about what is available near you, click here.