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Handy Tips for Making Effective Notes

Taking notes are a vital part of capturing information as you learn it so that you are able keep record of it to revisit. We've compiled some handy tips for making the best notes possible to maximise your learning!

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July 17, 2018

1) Use lots of colour, as numerous studies have shown that colour association is very powerful for memory recall. Using colours will also make your notes look far more aesthetic and keep them organised. 


2) Another strategy is to have a decide/set layout for your notes. Whether that be a system such as the Cornell (link) with separate sections for questions/keyword/prompts, information and summary, or your own devised system.


3) Use post it notes—these are colourful, transferable and very easy to add to. When you’re finished with them, they can be removed from your notes and stored.


4) If you want to have less of an environmental impact, consider taking your notes digitally. There are many tablet-notebooks on the market these days, which often come with special pens or styluses so they can be used in the same way as paper and pen.


5) Take rough copy notes in class and rewrite them in a ‘pretty’ way after class. This will serve two purposes: it will give you a nice copy of your notes for future reference, as well as help to hammer the information into your brain.