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November 23, 2017

The iPhone has only been around for a decade. YouTube didn’t exist in 2004. Computer technology has changed the world, including where in the world you can study.


As technology advances, online learning has developed to become a more attractive option for students, especially over the last decade.  More people than ever have access to high-speed internet connections (NBN issues aside!).  Lectures and tutorial information can be hosted online in a variety of formats offering more ways than ever to learn.


Did you know?

50% of our brain focuses on processing visual information


Why online learning works

Learning changes the structure of your brain.  The majority of these changes happen in early childhood, but there is no age where the brain becomes ‘fixed’.  It remains plastic throughout life, constantly able to learn, discover and incorporate new information.

Online learning resources help students practice spaced repetition, a process reported to build stronger long-term memories.  Online courses allow you to repeat modules as and when you need, which is excellent for memory retention.

Repetition builds ‘white matter’, known as myelin, which can strengthen interactions between neurons, the brain’s basic cellular building blocks.  Myelin levels are at their highest in early childhood and gradually decline in production, but studies show – no matter your age, more practice builds more myelin, which means better results!


Picture: Wikimedia Commons, Cover image:\Jannoon028


Another reason online learning has become so popular is that it allows you to proceed at your own pace.  When starting out or returning to study, it’s worth realising your limitations.  For example, most people can only remember five to seven new pieces of information at a time.  Luckily, with online learning, you can always pause and review.


More benefits of online study

While explaining how sensory modalities affect learning in her book Differentiation Through Learning Styles and Memory, Marilee Sprenger says, “Teachers can be learners, and learners teachers.  We are all both.  Everyone can learn under the right circumstances.”

Those circumstances matter.  Rather than being locked to a timetable that may not fit with your work schedule, online components give students greater flexibility to work at times of peak performance.

With fewer commutes each week, digital study options save time and allow for a better work/study/life balance.  Perhaps you’re raising kids or want to continue in your profession, using the course as a way to upskill or secure a new position.  Online learning allows that without sacrificing family time or a large portion of your salary.


How we’re changing

LTT is now harnessing the power of online learning tools to help students develop the skills they want, in the way they want, providing better learning outcomes.  Our new delivery models for the HLT37215 Certificate III in Pathology Collection allow for less class time and more online learning.  Find out more about how the course is being delivered in your area here, and why studying with LTT might be the smartest move you make this year.