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Real student stories

We pride ourselves on our students’ employment outcomes.

Read the journeys a few of our past students have taken below.


As a stay at home mum with a military background, pathology collection was a completely new skill for Simonne.

Simonne completed her placement at a clinic and is now employed by a large private hospital – Simonne was interviewed a few days before finishing her prac and started her new job the following week.

“The training was amazing and the experience set me up really well. It was daunting to find out where to start to get back to the workforce – military doesn’t really translate to normal work. With two young kids and a husband, the flexibility of part-time classes let me study – and the prac let me dip a toe in and see if it was right for me and a good fit for my family. Mums… it’s tricky! I was so happy with the support of everyone there and the way it was run – it was amazing. I chose hospital work instead of a collection centre – I wanted more of a challenge, it’s my time to have a career!”



After pulling out from a teaching course at uni, Katylee scanned groceries and worked in retail for four years. Deciding to expand her career horizons, Katylee researched training online.

“When I called places, LTT offered the best price and seemed the most friendly.”

One week into her work placement with a pathology provider, Katylee was employed by the state’s health department and now works for a major Australian teaching hospital.

“I got hired before I even graduated!”



“I love the work – it’s a bit harder than I thought, because learning new things is challenging. I work with such supportive people though, I’m loving it.”

Having worked for 13 years as an assistant in nursing (AIN), specialising in aged care, Ora was finding the manual labour becoming too hard and was looking for a change, but wanted to remain in the health sector.

Having heard about LTT through her Uber driver (an LTT student about to finish a course who was excited for a new career), Ora decided to enrol.

Before beginning her studies, Ora visited a pathology collection clinic (to document her hepatitis B immunity) –  the person who took her blood was the Uber driver, who had since found work!

Ora was employed as soon as she finished her placement at a university hospital – having been offered the position during placement. 



Jennifer worked in the mines, doing housekeeping and kitchen work, for three and a half years on a 2:1 roster.

Jennifer enquired about LTT after coming across an ad on Facebook. After completing an in-clinic pathology work placement, Jennifer got a job at a not-for-profit private hospital, where she is undertaking more advanced on-the-job training in paediatrics and venesection and enjoying a Monday to Friday work pattern.

“My trainers were very helpful and there are a lot of opportunities in hospitals.”

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