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Avneet Sidhu

Laboratory Operations – Classroom Training

A Certificate IV Laboratory Techniques student with 4 weeks to go, Avneet began applying for work, expecting to wait weeks for a reply. But only a few days later, she was invited in for an interview, and then a job.

Job-hunting can be stressful, especially with a market more competitive than ever. Despite this, It’s the perfect time to get into the lab industry — just ask Avneet.


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One Friday, with 4 weeks left of her Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques, Avneet took the plunge and applied for a job. She expected to wait several weeks for a call-back — that is, if she got one at all. The weekend ticked by and Monday rolled around, bringing with it a surprise for Avneet — a call from the office she had just applied to!

One interview later and she had the job, beginning work the next week — before she had even finished her course!

Avneet was very excited for her new job, and very happily recommends LTT.

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