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Jyothsna Menchu

Graduate Testimonial: A Journey from Struggling to Winning

Jyothsna Menchu

Jyothsna Menchu


“When I first migrated to Australia, I applied for many jobs but didn’t get any interviews – even though I had a Ph.D. (Agriculture) and work experience! At some stage, I realised that I needed a local education to land a job. I started looking at what kind of course I would have to do, hoping to find something I could finish ASAP and hopefully find a job quickly.


When I started looking at different courses and their duration, cost and units, I was surprised with LTTV’s Diploma of Laboratory Technology course. Compared to all other universities and training centres, they offered their Diploma at a lower price, with more units, and within a shorter duration than my other options! This was exactly what I was looking for. I then enrolled into this lovely training centre, and thereon my journey started.


On my first day, I met my trainer, Vinita Chaudhary. From day one, Vinita made me feel comfortable at LTTV and in the lab. In fact, rather than trainer, she is like a friend to all of us. During my course period I learnt so many new techniques and I met new friends during my training. I thoroughly enjoyed her classes: she is a fantastic trainer who knows her students well. I appreciate her patience and constant support to all of us.


Through Vinita’s generous support and valuable advice for my interview, I finally landed a full-time job within a short time after finishing my course. I am now beginning my journey as a Quality & Technical Officer and I am looking forward to facing and overcoming all new challenges in my life.


I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to finish their diploma quickly and walk out competent in every unit they study. This course has made me confident and ready to take on new challenges. I appreciate each and every member of LTTV for their support during my training period, and I hope they continue to train others in the same spirit in future.


A big cheers to the LTTV team!



Jo Menchu”