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Stewart Jones

Laboratory Operations – Workplace Training

Stewart Jones from the National Measurement Institute has employees engaged in workplace traineeships with LTT and says he encourages his staff to “study and get more qualifications”.

Stewart explains, “The trainers come here on site so it doesn’t interfere with their work”. He believes the training is working out well and allows his staff to formalise skills that they already have. Although most employees are equipped with the skills to perform their job role effectively, on the job training enables them to formalise these skills through a nationally recognised qualification. More and more companies are enrolling their employees in workplace traineeships which prevents the loss of productivity when they are required to go offsite to complete their studies. This type of study also allows the training to be tailored specifically to the company the trainee is working for.

“You always need to think outside the box, be innovative and look for what’s next,” says Stewart. “With employees staying within the workplace, they are learning job specific skills combining practical aspects as well as the theory behind what they are doing. Both elements reinforce each other so it’s great.”

Trainers can address workplace specific weaknesses and work on them with a tailored training program. This often results in improved employee performance and consistency as well as greater employee morale. An effective training program will increase a company’s competitive edge in the market which is essential for an organisation’s success. Trainees can also be educated to feel confident in the effective use of new technology, as well as realise the importance of health and safety within their work environment. In the long term, this saves time and money for the company with a more productive, profitable and safe workforce.

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Gita Ghorbanian

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