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Workplace training

Workplace training to suit you

Up-skill your staff and gain nationally recognised qualifications with LTT’s flexible on-the-job training programs. Our programs are determined by your business needs, and commence at a time that best suits you and your staff.

Our practical training approach focuses on a trainee’s regular work as the basis of the training program. This on-the-job approach ensures relevant skills are developed specifically for the workplace/role, and allows staff to clearly and promptly apply these acquired skills within their role.

Where additional training is required, the trainee is provided with a customised training program – which can also be delivered in the workplace.

Reap the rewards

Experienced staff’s workplace and life experiences will count towards nationally recognised qualifications through the skills recognition component of LTT’s training. Providing loyal employees with opportunities for career development increases staff retention rates and helps a business build a strong and loyal team.

LTT’s workplace training delivers long-term improvements to your business, including:

  • Increased staff morale, retention and productivity
  • Improved market credibility
  • Industry accreditation, including National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) compliance
  • Nationally recognised staff qualifications
  • Access to financial incentives for investing in staff training

Financial incentives

Increasing Australia’s skilled workforce is a priority for both Federal and State Governments. Incentives, subsidies and rebates to those businesses that invest in staff training are available throughout Australia. These incentives ensure up-skilling your workforce with LTT is a low-risk financial investment for your business. In some instances, the costs of training may be exceeded by the available rebates. 

LTT has a proven track record in providing cost-neutral/cost-positive staff development programs for Australian businesses. With training available in New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, we ensure that all programs are tailored to available local funding opportunities.

Each candidate is different

We understand each candidate and organisation has different training requirements. We can devise customised training programs for individuals, and deliver training at your workplace with minimal disruption to workflow.

Getting started is easy

At the beginning of an engagement, LTT will conduct a preliminary training analysis, including interviews with candidates and management. The outcomes will then be accessed and discussed with you, to determine the most efficient and suitable training program for your business and your staff.

Call us today on 1300 588 588 and find out how your business can benefit from LTT’s experienced, tailored, and nationally recognised workplace training programs; and see whether your business is eligible to receive financial incentives for staff training.

lab technician courses

“You always need to think outside the box, be innovative and look for what’s next. With employees staying within the workplace, they are learning job specific skills combining practical aspects as well as the theory behind what they are doing. Both elements reinforce each other so it’s great.”

Stewart Jones
Laboratory Operations Senior Manager, National Measurement Institute

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