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LTT is the expert, reliable industry trainer at the forefront of laboratory operations training in Australia.

We use the most up-to-date resources and training techniques available, and offer training in a range of commercial testing and servicing laboratories encompassing all areas of laboratory operations including mineral assay, constructions materials testing, oil and gas testing, pathology, food testing and metallurgical testing.  

Our nationally recognised MSL Laboratory Operations Training Package has been developed to reflect the skills and knowledge required by current and prospective employees in scientific and technical occupations across many industries. The skills embedded in the qualifications are relevant to employees in all laboratory settings or technical occupations.

Industry growth

Employment growth within the professional, scientific and technical services industries is strong, and expected to grow by 20.3% over the next five years (Australian Jobs 2016 Report, Department of Employment)

Laboratory job pathways

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Level 1

Laboratory Assistant
Sample Preparer
MSL30118 MSL30118 Certificate III in Laboratory Skills

Level 3

Quality Control Officer
Laboratory Supervisor
Instrument Technician
MSL50118 MSL50118 Diploma of Laboratory Technology
Soft skills
Technical skills
Workplace pathway

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